Back in New York after a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong drive home (nothing like a good 10 hours in the car to make you wanna go to work in the morning!). Thanks to everyone for coming out for Alison's shower, especially to Jean, Jana, and the bridesmaids for all their planning, and to everyone who helped along the way (especially my Mom, who braved a bad cold to make it up to Syracuse and lend a hand).


Most of all, thanks for all the woderful gifts! Now we just need a house to put them in...


We're both super excited for the shower this weekend and hope you can make it up to Syracuse. Be sure to check back here after for photos!

I can't believe the wedding is coming up so quickly! By the time we get married, the engagement will have been almost 2 full years, and for most of that time, the wedding seemed so far away. Now, it's in a little over two months!

The planning is once again starting to get hectic, after a long lull in activity. Keep coming back to the blog to see what the latest headache is... and leave a comment while you're here!!!


After a year and a half, Alison finally got her braces off today! Woohoo!!!! Now the bridal shower pictures won't look like they were taken in Alabama :)


The site is now live! Hope you like it... special thanks to Joel for the server space. Keep an eye on this page for frequent musings...


I think I'm gonna like blogging about the final three months of the wedding... it also might help keep us from killing each other, lol