I apologize in advance, my phone doesn't let me make paragraphs.... After bidding adieu to monterey, we headed north with a quick stop in Santa Cruz to check out the boardwalk before heading to San Francisco. So far, this was our favorite city of the trip! The views of the city are gorgeous. We did some shopping in the mission district, where Alison got a couple of dresses, then we had a pastry lunch at the famous tartine bakery. From there, we drove across the golden gate bridge and back, stopping to check out the amazing view of the bridge and the city from the lookout point. After that, we headed to haight/ashbury to see some hippies and do some more shopping. The thing that made San Francisco shopping better than Los Angeles shopping was the lack of chain stores. Each shop was fiercely and proudly independent, and had its own unique style. Lastly, we journeyed across the bay bridge to have dinner with my aunt Ida, cousin Evan, and his boyfriend Robb. They chose an amazing vegan restaurant and wine bar called encuentro. We ate tapas style, and every single thing was fantastic. during the day, we picked up six more CDs, bringing the total to 25! We've been picking them blindly out of the bag and have gone through 16 so far, so hopefully these new additions will take us through the rest of the trip (though we're missing out on the classic road trip sing alongs by always having new music on). Tomorrow, it's off to napa valley footer wine tasting, and then the redwood forest!


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